Your pages are ready
by the very first minute
you start creating them

Login with your credentials in the One Appy user friendly CMS and proceed
in a very easy and quick way. You may edit / add / delete photos, logos,
videos, categories, places, content in general.
At the same time, your signed in customers would be listed in your CMS which allows
you to create dynamic campaigns targeting in a more accurate way
your engaged customer base:
Create your offers & events, send personalized messages, make your
services available for booking & your products for ordering, organize
your loyalty schema for awarding customers and many more features

Just “save” and everything is updated!

(Any change regarding your content can be completed in a very easy and quick way.
Just click “save” after you finish your changes and these are automatically updated on the spot!)

Launch in just a few hours.

Now, your pages are ready to be viewed and interacted by your customers and you can distribute them wherever you want. Your client’s personalized experience starts as soon as they receive the app at their smartphones or PCs either:

– by clicking the web link you shared with them by email /SMS/Social Media apps or

– by scanning the unique QR Code of your pages created by One Appy or

– by linking any One Appy page of yours to relevant Web site menu buttons of yours (like Feedback, Meet us, Book Services, Order here etc) or

– by Getting One Appy on the or downloading One Appy for free from the Play store for Android and search what you have created for them by location (nearby) or by name.

They are ready to navigate and get useful insights in a personalized way while strengthening their loyalty to your business.

Download for
Launch the
Web App

one appy

unlimited possibilities

All you need is a browser, an internet connection
and a keyboard to upload your content
– No installation or hardware costs – No technical knowledge required

Manage your business effectively
& take advantage of the mobile era.