Do I need to have IT development skills to use One Appy?

No. One Appy has been developed in a way that the creation is as easy as filling a form. You will use an easy and intuitive web interface and get familiar from the very first minute.

Do I need to change my IT infrastructure or buy any hardware?

No change is needed. You just need access to a browser.

What do I need in order to create my pages?

You will need to gather and input information of your business and the services you offer. Whenever possible, you may also add photos, videos, locations, addresses and phone numbers. The overall goal is to provide to your audience information and useful tools related to your activity, enhancing their experience.

I don’t have the time to create ... and I don’t feel confident. Can you help me?

Of course we can help you.  Just contact us, One Appy Team and we’ll help you create a fantastic tool for you and your audience.

How often can I change my Content?

Anytime. Since subscribing you have continuous access to the platform and you can change or update your data – content whenever you want.

Is One Appy user bothered by Ads?

No. One Appy is 100% Ad Free.

Is One Appy free for my customers?

Yes. One Appy is not charged to the end user.

My content could be multilingual?

The content (text) like categories/products /services descriptions shown on your customer’s smartphone/tablets/pcs can be in many languages. Just go to the CMS (Backend) interface and add  the preferred languages. English is standard.

How can I proceed an order and start with One Appy?

You may contact us through the

  • GET A QUOTE form
  • CONTACT US form

One Appy Team will come back to you if any clarification is needed. An offer will follow through One Appy Team or our official distributors.