Cookie Policy

Everit (E. NOMIKOS KAI SIA EE) operates a strict privacy policy for the protection of the visitors of its website , more details on which can be found here . In addition, we have outlined below how we use cookies when you visit our site.

What are electronic cookies?

Electronic cookies are small texts of software code that are transmitted from the servers of our website to your personal computer and stored by your browser, mainly in order to give us information about your needs and preferences. Depending on their expiration dates, cookies are either “session” or “persistent” cookies. In particular, session cookies are automatically erased whenever you close your browser, whereas persistent cookies remain stored until their expiration date, unless manually deleted prior to that date.

Does Everit use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies with the primary purpose to make more functional and user – friendly, in order to ensure enhanced user experience.

What kinds of cookies do we use?

Our Company uses session cookies for the following purposes :

  • For your automatic identification as logged – in user or for your safe browsing through protected webpages of
  • For your automatic identification during the execution of online transactions and for the smooth function of the “my basket” application.
  • For the storage of technical data, which are necessary so that your computer displays certain kinds of multimedia content, better known as “flash cookies”.
  • For the allocation and efficient processing of server requests between servers belonging to a group.
  • For the electronic identification and log – in of users already logged – in at social networking websites.

In addition, we use persistent cookies for the following purposes :

  • For enhanced user experience of our website.
  • For the personalization of our website according to your needs and preferences.

What kinds of cookies we don’t use?

Everit exclusively uses its own cookies and does not make use of any other cookie originating from any third parties. Indicatively, we do not allow third – party advertising networks to monitor the consumer behavior of our customers through cookies.

What kinds of data do we collect by our use of cookies;

All data collected by using cookies through are processed and stored in anonymous form and do not contain any personally identifiable information. Furthermore, our Company does not sell customer information collected in this way.

By using our cookies we collect and process the following kinds of data :

  • IP address and end user device data.
  • Data on user browsing at
  • Information on user preferences regarding Everit products / services.
  • Data regarding executed transactions.

How do you give your consent to the present cookie policy?

By entering you acknowledge our notice that we make use of cookies, which is prominently posited at the home page of our website and links to the present cookie policy with further detailed information. In case that you decide to browse at subpages of our website and have accordingly adjusted your web browser, you freely give your explicit and specific consent to our use of cookies. If you disagree with our cookie policy, you are obliged to abstain from any further browsing to or, alternatively, change your browser settings, deactivating cookie storage and usage capacity.

How can you deactivate cookies?

In case that you wish to activate or deactivate the storage and use of cookies from your browser settings, depending on which browser you currently use, visit the following websites to find relevant information on required actions :