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The control Panel/CMS is the heart of the application where you can upload all the data you gathered in order to set up your pages. You get access through your username and password. Our CMS has a new architecture with top level performance and no limits in scalability.
As many businesses want to share offers, our CMS platform provides you the ability to create and publish your offer to your audience. This feature assists you in increasing your revenue potential and upsell products or services in hot periods.
Through our Easy-to-use CMS you can create your events and activities and directly share them with your audience. Multiple events can be displayed to the end user's smartphones/tablets including photos, hyperlinks and relevant description. You can monitor who is "interested in" or "may be" to these events. Through the Event plugin you may increase your audience's attendance and engagement and offer them 24/7 service.
You can organize your content into unlimited number of categories and subcategories and upload the wording in any language you prefer. Anytime you may access the CMS and edit your content.
You can upload photos and create a photo gallery within One Appy. Videos from youtube and Vimeo are also supported in order to enhance your users’ experience. Any uploaded photo of yours may also be shared through the end user's social media applications.
Check the status and view the profile for any end user who signs in.
The Click2Call feature is enabled in One Appy. End users have the ability to call directly the number they wish to. In addition, you can create a specific list of useful phones provided to your clients.
Detailed weather forecast for the location of your business. Temparature (min, max), humidity, wind direction and wind speed are provided.
Add multiple POI’s (Points of Interest) in your categories' content to guide/inform your clients. At the same time, through our seamless Driveme Plugin, they can be guided to their desired location by their navigation app.
Your dashboard in the CMS interface gives you information on your client's usage, incoming messages, pending orders or bookings, feedback from your clients and other related data coming from your audience's engagement with your business.  
Our Easy-to-use Messaging / Conversations system is designed to help you to organize your communication with your users. Using the CMS, you can enable notifications, send a personalized or a group message and easily view the history of messages sent to your users. At the same time your users from their smartphone/tablet/PC can use it as an inventory to refer back to previous notifications, messages view plain text and linked content.
Take advantage of the notifications feature in order to create marketing campaigns which are affiliated with your business. Create special events, inform your customers over a great variety of topics which are connected to your business operations, facilities and more.
Your customers may order quickly and easily any available product/item. This enables your business and its products to be accessible at any time, on any device. It is easily combined with the loyalty schema if selected.
Your customers have the ability to book / reserve any available services of yours anytime, anywhere. The booking plugin is your online assistant, running 24/7 to fill your available services booking schedule. It is easily combined with the loyalty schema if selected.
One Appy offers a loyalty scheme / solution for your customers. They are engaged with your business by awarding or redeeming points for certain orders or bookings which are provided by you.  It helps your strategy to make your customers more loyal and dedicated, while boost your sales and your brand name. With this feature you are ready to have your bronze/silver/gold loyalty club and create your loyalty campaigns.
Receiving feedback and "rating stars" from your customers for the services/products you provide, gives you precius information and the opportunity to improve your business strategy by understanding their nice2have and needs. A customizable user friendly form is offered to your customers which can be filled within few seconds. Your customers can rate your service and add detailed feedback comments if they want.


One Appy is designed and developed for mobile devices running in both web and mobile  versions. Your customers may click on the following web link and navigate using a browser (Chrome or Safari) or download One Appy from the following stores enjoying both online and offline functionality